2-Way Paper Pallet

Benefits of paper pallet: 

Recyclable: Made out of 100% industrial recyclable paper, enabling it to be recycled, creating a revenue flow for companies

No fumigation required.

Customizable sizes.

Lighter pallet can help reduce operational and logistics cost.

2-Way Paper Crate

2 ways paper crate range comes with a standard corrugated

Customisable Dimensions:
Length: 750-2300mm
Weight: 600-1350mm
Height: 500-1700mm

Dynamic Loading Capacity: 750-1500kgs

Static Loading Capacity:

Heavy Duty Paper Crate

Customisable Dimensions:
Length: 800-2300mm
Width: 400-1120mm
Height: 500-1700mm

Dynamic Loading Capacity: 1000-1500kgs

Static Loading Capacity:

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

● L1100 x W1100
● L1200 x W1000
● L1200 x W800
● L800 x W600
● Customizable

Dynamic Loading Capacity: 1000-2000kgs

Static Loading Capacity: